Motorcycle Philosophy... What's Yours?

To put a Motorcycle Philosophy twist, on an idea from Col. Jeff Cooper; "Owning a motorcycle, no more makes you a motorcycle rider, than buying a guitar makes you a musician.

There are 'Motorcycle Riders'... and there are folks who are transported by a motorcycle.

There's folks who ride motorcycles to get where they're goin'... and then there are those who go where they go ... so they can ride their Motorcycle.

I'm not knockin' those who choose a Motorcycle, only 'cause it's cheap transportation. Heck... a lot of 'em catch the bug and end up as pure and true 'Riders'. I'm just sayin' ... that to really be a Rider... is to have an attitude that becomes a part of you... all on its' own.

I believe it's something most don't really think about. They just look up one day and realize... that motorcycle has become a big part of who they are... and they'd rather lose an arm... than their bike.

In amongst all that there's a 'Motorcycle Community' with a lot of competing 'sub-species';

* You've got the glass eating, beer guzzling, tatted up, brawlers

* The tight, red leather, encased, crotch rocket huggin', daredevils

* The stereo listening, windshield and fairing protected, CB talkin', intercom communicating, footboard scrappin', ever'thing but a coffee maker, full dressers

* The "If it ain't a ain't shit crowd

* The "I'll wait on you up ahead... catch up as soon as you get your Harley fixed"... Metric bunch.

* Then, of course, you've got those 'Nose in the Wind', bug eatin', cruisers, hangin' on the bars of a Naked Motorcycle.

... and these are just a few of the many variations, and combinations of variations, of Motorcycle Philosophy in the Motorcycle Riding Community.

There's a lot of good natured banter between the different groups... leastways... most of it's good natured! :-)

... and for those who can't be good natured about it? ... Shut up and Ride!

From genuine, unadulterated, not another one like 'em, wouldn't change if their Grandma begged 'em, individualists... to the fellas that claim to be individualists... but sure look to be followin' just another herd... of 'individuals'... that all look the same ... there's a motorcycle philosophy for ever'body!

Riders who only roll in a group, Loners who prefer to ride Freedom Road Solo... those that ride to save a dime, others ride to live, some who have a need for speed, others who cool out with a slow and easy cruise... Some who scramble after all the newest and costliest safety equipment... and them that wouldn't be caught dead with a plastic encased head!

Whatever your Motorcycle Philosophy, whatever it brings to you, whatever you need from it... you'll find a piece of road made just for you... and the motorcycle you rode in on!

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