The Best Motorcycle Carrier Manufacturers Think Their Motorcycle lift is the Best.

... and for a lot of the Motorcycle Carrier buyers... a LOT of those manufacturers just may be right! :-) 'Cause it's a simple fact, that when you factor in all the different types of Motorcycles, all the different varieties of vehicles that those Motorcycles are carried around in, and on, and drug behind...

... along with all the different ideas people have of what is 'Right'... not to mention, the wide variety in abilities all those people have, it's a plain and simple fact that it's going to take a lot more than one Motorcycle Carrier design, to please 'em.

Some folks want to transport their dirt bike in a light rack plugged in to the receiver hitch on their Yukon... others are going to want to roll their Harley up into the back of a full size pickup...

You're gonna find Gals who want to drag their scooters around in a front wheel carry system that leaves the bikes rear wheel on the ground...

A great number of riders are going to require that their bikes ride around in the protection of a Motorcycle trailer.

This list gets pretty near endless when you start adding in all the possible variations you're gonna find out there; when you start workin' out how to carry your bike along with you when you travel... or just have a need to transport it... without riding it.

There's even an outfit or two, that build caster wheel trailer setups with swivel type wheels supporting a platform that connects to the tail of your rig. The main weight of the outfit is carried on those single wheels!

Hydraulic, electric, manual... Heavy Duty, light duty... hang on a Motorhome, load in a truck, pull a trailer... there's a thousand options to sort through.

In my case... we travel a lot in our Fifth Wheel... My Fiver is not a Toy Hauler... and I didn't want one, 'cause they get too big, to squeeze 'em into the places we like to go...

Leastways, not if you maintain the living space we have in our rig... and add on the garage area...

Lookin' around I just didn't find what I was lookin' for... Either that or I was too cheap to pay the price of what I found! :-)

So... after schemin' on it for a good while... I decided to build ... or have built... a Motorcycle Carrier of my own design. It's on it's second evolution at this point... and gettin' close to what I want it to do...

I have a big tendency to go off on my own... trying to 'build the better mousetrap'...

I'd guess that most of you are not gonna want... or have the time for such doin's... If not... don't worry!

I'm bettin' that the greater part of you, with a little effort, are gonna find a commercially built, Motorcycle hauling system, that'll suit your needs to a T.

Here's the advice I'll offer... use up some coffee, paper, and ink... before you start lookin'.

Take the coffee... put it in a cup... but only if it's Hot!

Set the cup on your kitchen table top... right next to a blank sheet of paper... and have a pen layin' right beside the paper.

Then... while you sit there... thinkin' about all the things you want in a Bike Hauler... and ever'thing you want it to do...

Write all those ideas down on your paper in a long list...

In between jottin' down your ideas on your 'Motorcycle Carrier Want List' ... Take a Sip from that coffee cup!

Now you're ready to go searchin' for your 'Best' Motorcycle Carrier. With a proper list built of all the attributes you want your system to have ... you'll be well prepared to know when you find it!

I'll be adding articles here about the outfit I've built for myself, as well as all the other systems I've found in my own search for the Best Motorcycle Carrier System.

Articles I've got planned;

  • Electric and Hydraulic Hoists
  • Toy Haulers
  • Truck Bed Systems and methods
  • Hitch Mounted
  • MDT & HDT Garage setups
  • Misc. Hoists and carry systems

So check back every once in a while... maybe I've already found the system that'll be perfect for your situation!

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