Motorcycle Meditation Occurs Spontaneously

Motorcycle Meditation is the best way I've found, to deal with the difficulties and stresses of enduring a grasping world and heal a wounded spirit!

Leaning through some Mountain twisties is where the thoughts in my head run clearest. The confusion stirred up by 'life', that clouds my brain with a murky fog, seems to dissipate like the morning mists, burning off, under a rising sun.

Things that seemed so important, in that 'other', 'cluttered', world, slide back, ever back, into their proper... subordinate places. I pull away from the house, or maybe even a night camp, in a sour mood, and within a mile, whatever was dragging me down is melting away, and spontaneously, my spirit rises, my thoughts clear...

... My priorities slide into their proper order, and all is right

with the world... as the Open Road stretches out in front of me.

The reason the Human Brain works best, when the skull it's sheltered in, is suspended above a thundering Motorcycle, is best understood by contemplating, for just a short while, a few time worn sayings of motorcycle philosophy.

You'll hear these 'old adages', in one form or another... if you spend any time at all, with open ears... one hanging on either side, of an open mind... around the Motorcycle community.

  • "If I have to explain it, you won't understand"
  • "Looking into the distance is something humans need to do"
  • "You never see a motorcycle in front of a shrinks office"
  • "Only motorcycle riders understand why a dog hangs his head out the window"
  • ... and maybe the truest and clearest...
  • "If you don't ride... then you don't know"

But, how do you go about 'performing' the ritual of Motorcycle Meditation?

Well... "If I have to explain it, you won't understand!"... spend some time... on your Motorcycle "Looking into the distance"and "You'll never see" YOUR "Motorcycle in front of a shrinks office!"

Just spend some time, leaning through the twisties... chasing the horizon at sunrise... smelling the fresh scented wind after... or just before... a misty rain...

and YOU will come to "understand why a dog hangs his head out the window". :-)

Somewhere, along in that journey you'll hear a CLICK!... the light'll come on... and you'll know for sure and for certain, why I titled this article; "Motorcycle Meditation Occurs Spontaneously!"

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