One Man's Opinion of; What's a Real Biker?

When it comes to What's a Real Biker, there's no shortage of opinions on what goes into the Recipe.

So, since I also, have no shortage of opinions, on just about anything... here are mine on this particular bit of Motorcycle Philosophy!

Say the word Biker, and I expect the first vision that slides through most peoples minds is a big guy, 250 lbs., with no shirt, a leather vest over plenty of tats and a Do Rag... splittin' the wind on a rumbling Harley Hog.

... and that fella, may well be... maybe.

But, if he is, it ain't the tats, Harley or leather vest that gave him the name. That Honor, comes from something, somewhere, far deeper. A rider is made a Real Biker only by

things that are truly a part of their Spirit.

... and that moniker, Real Biker, is not reserved to any gender either.

Some of the Purest Bikers you'll ever have the Honor of Rolling Freedom Road with are some of the most delicate Ladies you're ever going to find... so pack that macho crap in a bucket and carry it off somewhere.

... Truth is, all that tatted up, Do ragged, leather wearin', hard ass stuff is about their personality, and style... It's got NOT one damn thing to do with bein' a Real Biker.

So... What then, if I'm so damn smart... goes into the makin' of such a Biker?

Well, as I see it, there's several ingredients... and since there's few if any "original ideas" left to think up, after some 10,000 years of inventin' 'em, these here are just my way of thinkin' 'bout what many others have conjured up a long time 'afore me.

Now... there ain't been motorcycles to put Real Bikers on, for all of those 10,000 years... so a lot of what makes up these critters, can go into making up a batch of other Good People as well. :-) ... They're just not fortunate enough to be Bikers! :-)

My ingredients for building a Real Biker:

  • This one's a no brainer... Ride a Motorcycle any time you can. Any bike will do! No excuses!
  • Don't fret any, about how others judge you. You'll build plenty of your own obstacles without allowing other folks to set up their own in front of you.
  • Live by your own rules.
  • Make certain sure that you understand, that your rules apply only to you... Not Anyone else... Just You.
  • Loyalty to a Friend, without expectations, or judgment... or failure 'cause it's inconvenient.
  • The Courage to Live, Laugh, Love... no matter what Life is chuckin' at you.
  • A passion for Liberty... and the Freedom of the Open Road
  • A Belief in the Healing Power of the Open Road

I'm sure, that folks with bigger brains, and stronger hearts than mine can add to the list... But for me... this works just fine.

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