Motorcycle Touring and Hiking is the Complete Package!

Is it the goal of your Motorcycle Touring, only, to make miles? Be able to list all the places you've raced through, or past?

or... is there more?

Is it your goal to have strong memories of all the fine places you've actually SEEN... that few other people have actually made the effort to get to?

THAT is where my Motorcycle Touring and Hiking takes me.

My bike takes me... in a style that feeds my spirit... to the quiet places where I can climb off and do some fine Hiking!... That's right. I shoulder my ruck and go from 65 miles per hour... to about 3!

I go from leaning through the twisties, my bike throbbing under me, the wind roaring in my helmet... the quiet twisties of a mountain trail... with only the wind rustling in the trees.

Motorcycle Touring and Hiking make a perfect balance for me.

Granted, it's unlikely I'll find any tatted, do ragged 'bikers', rucked up, and on those trails... but then... I ain't a tatted, do rag wearin' biker... and I wasn't lookin' for any! :-)

Lookin' around... I really don't see that many that are any more! Seems that more and more 'bikers' these days, are gettin' to be pretty regular people... just finding the visceral pleasure of riding a fine machine... with little between you and the 'real' world... and that's a good thing.

My bike is the perfect vehicle for my hiking expeditions. With just my ruck lashed on the tail, I can head out for a day hike ... or an overnight spike camp. With the ride, to and from the hike, running in stiff competition for which was the better part!

For me, my Motorcycle and Hiking is... The complete package!

Run the roads hard and fast on my Motorcycle to get to 'The place'.. and then park the bike and go Hiking... to really learn the place. Get the feel and the spirit of it. See it, Photograph it. Listen to it... and Breathe it.

Then... tired and happy... you climb back on the scooter and make your run back to your RV camp, motel, Motorcycle Camp, or home!

Can it get any better than that?

Yes sir... Motorycycle Touring and Hiking is the perfect way to explore a place.

Put a ruck together, with all the necessaries. Hang it on your Motorcycle... find a a good trail... a few hours from home.... and go Motorcycle Touring and Hiking! You'll be glad you did!

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