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Yamaha best kept secret

Best touring bike is a Yamaha super tenere. I am 6'1 285 and made the best deal on a new 2013 super tenere even though it was 2 years old it had only

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The venerable Kawasaki Voyager XII two wheels/common sense

Well now, every dog has it's day...but, let me just say this. If you're shrewd, frugal, pragmatic and practical, then you have to DIY some motorcycle platform

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I do a Connie!

2005 (above left) and 2013 (above right) For 20 years, Kawasaki was known for its workhorse, the Concours. The bike has gone by different nomenclatures,

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It's quite simple really

For me riding is a Zen like experience. When I am on the road on my bike I feel as though I am one with my bike. I know what she will do in response to

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Suzuki Cavalcade

I've been riding for many years and try to take a trip of some sort every summer or fall. I ride a 1986 Suzuki Cavalcade 1400CC full dress. It is a great

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