If you want to Live to Ride... Build a Motorcycle Lifestyle that YOU Control

Live to Ride! How many Bikers have you ever heard say that? Yeah... me too. Hell, I'm one of the ones who said it all the time. Only... I've managed to cut most of the chains and do it!

You're raised up thinkin' a certain way... Get a good job. Build a house... get married... raise a pack of kids... grow old... and enjoy those Golden Years... Right?

Ya know what? Screw those Golden Years... Too many times those suckers never show up!

I wish, I'd seen the light a lil' brighter when I was a kid... I shoulda been living the way I do now... right from the get go. That's my only caveat... I didn't work this out until I'd crossed over the mountain and was a ways down the slippery slope on the shady side... THAT was MY mistake.

Don't you repeat it!

That's right. I'm sayin'... I should have been living, as I am now... Right from the time I was 18 years old!

Williams Lake View.. from a Motorcycle camp

***The kind of Views I wake up to... every morning these days***

Well, now I'm workin' at makin' up for lost time... and tryin'... hard as I can... to pass on some clues to other riders in the same boat... as I Live to Ride.

"I'm not waitin' any longer" is what I told myself... I want to Live to Ride... and I want to Ride to Live...right now! I want my Motorcycle lifestyle... and I've got no intention of bein' patient about it.

And... when it's all said an' done... patience is often not a virtue but an excuse. Nope, I say... go out and DO something. You don't like how it is... Change it!

Motorcycle Lifestyle along the Columbia River

That's just what I did. That traditional American Dream costs too much life up front... and pays off too poorly at the tail end. The mistake I made was taking so long to figure that all out.

Well, better late then never... and if I can point out an alternative Motorcycle lifestyle to a few folks... If, I get to see a few of 'em screw up their courage, take off Now, and Live to Ride sooner, rather then later, I'll consider my effort a success.

Are you on the shady side of your "Best" years? Weary of the grind? Wanting a way out?... but you just can't see it? is that 'Job' you drag yourself to each day... drying up your soul?

Mtn. View from a Motorcycle Camp at Williams Lake

Are you a young Buck or... a Biker Gal... who desperately wants to never climb onto that damned soul robbing treadmill, that everyone has told you, from the day you were born... Is the One And Only Way? Is it a Dream of yours to avoid that dead end in the first place?

It can be done. I'm living proof... It can be done. It just takes screwing up your guts... Taking a deep breath... and having the courage to trust in your Dreams... and telling all the naysayers to cork it.

Hell, if you want to, you can even advise 'em to have the surgery done... You know... The surgery to correct their bad case of Cranial Intestinal Inversion?

I'm going to stand right here, and tell you... there is an option. I'm living it.

What if... you were able to live in a reasonable, clean, safe, comfortable, home that you Own... In a glorious, Shining, location... and spend as much time as you wanted... whenever you felt like it... Riding your Motorcycle?

Sport Bike outside Yosemite

This is a video of riding in to the Place I live... Now... right now today... as I'm writing this to you... This is reality people... and not some pie in the sky... once you make a million dollars BS...

I don't have a nickle in the bank... my tired old truck is 12 years old and my "Home" is 10... and I live... in the resort areas... others only seem to Dream about... Why? !!!!

I go where I want when I want... and You Can Too!

How did I get there? Well, it's been a long, long road. Lots of potholes and failures... But, always remember that old cliche' "Failures are Only opportunities to learn"... you didn't quit riding the first time you dropped a bike... Did you?

Don't quit now! You may be closer to your Live to Ride Dream now, then ever before.

Quartzsite RV Sunset

Me? I finally realized what was wrong. I wasn't living MY life... everyone and everything around me was. The huge mistake I was making was; I had foolishly allowed myself to be BS'd into simply living a life who's purpose was; meeting the expectations I'd been trained and conditioned... all my life to Obey... uh huh... pure brain washing baloney...

Well, not any more baby! I'm a Free Man now! Following my own trail... chasing the Open Road... Think About it!

Really! Think about it... What could you do? What would you do? If, you took control of your life?

Quarzsite Powered Hanglider at Sunset

Do you have the courage to pursue a Motorcycle Lifestyle? To Live to Ride? I think you do... you've just been conditioned to believe you don't... I was too!... but not any more... I found my way out...

Now? I live in Freedom... pretty much where ever I please... and ride to live... when ever I hear that Ribbon of Highway callingto me.

A pair of Motorcycles Climbing Cumbres Pass in Colorado

Yes sir!... Dispersed camping up in Montana and Idaho in the summertime... down on the Arizona Desert in the winter... Wandering in between.

I Live to Ride...

Riding the Raider on the 101 in Oregon... in the Sierras through Yosemite in California... thru Zion in Utah... or through the million dollar views of Hwy 550 through Silverton and Ouray in Colorado... Up the Bitterroot Valley in Montana...

... on London Bridge in Arizona... and across the Kaibab to Sedona... a little east of there...

I Live to Ride.

Cumbres Pass in the Fall

Why follow the herd to work a mind numbing JOB that keeps you off your Bike and out of YOUR life?

Take control of your life... and LIVE... YOUR life...

Now... I don't know, exactly, how you need to roll... or what personal situations you might have to overcome. What I do know is... My road has been tough... but I made it...

Your road is there... There is a trail you can follow... and if you have the Courage to follow it... You can have that life you always dreamed of.

You can Live to Ride Too! ... whether you are 18... or 58!

Utah Slot Canyon... Conquer your fear and follow me!

Every picture on this page shows a bit of my life, in just the last year! My Motorcycle Lifestyle... I Live to Ride.

Just like in that Slot Canyon towering above me... Conquer your fears and Live to Ride!

Come and Follow me and you too will find the Healing Power of the Open Road! :)

This is the introduction of a (3) part article.

Watch for the next couple pages to go live as I get the pages built in the next few days!

These are the Live to Ride stories of what worked for me.

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