Motorcycle Videos for Those Who Ride to Live... and Live to Ride!

I'll hook up the Motorcycle Videos here that jump out at me... the ones that seem to have that 'Spark' that pokes at something in your soul...

I think you know what I mean... you just keep goin' back and watchin' 'em again... 'cause it hurts so good.

These are the videos that make you ache to go Split the Wind...

... and admit it... there's spots in there, watchin' these Sweet Videos... that your Heart starts achin', for missin' the ones you left behind... and you have to tell the folks around that it ain't nothin' wrong... you just got something in your eye...

They're a piece, a taste, of what makes it real. They show in big, blazin' color why ever'body who rides... knows...

..."If I have to explain it... you won't understand." ... and why... "Only Motorcycle Riders understand why dogs hang their heads out the window."

This run on the Dragon, by a Pair of Goldwings captures my imagination... to run a bike that heavy, that gracefully... aw, it's just a beautiful thing... do you agree?

DOH! Hadn't even Thought of lookin' for this old clip... "Then Came Bronson"... from way back in '69... When I found it... I just had to put a couple of 'em at the head of the line! I'm thinkin' you might understand! :-) You can't tell me this don't stir up some long lost memories!... 'less of course... you were born in '89! :-)... Remember... Takin' a Trip?

... and now... Booming, Shining proof, that the Gals... have a lot to teach us grizzled Ol' Buggers... 'bout Puttin' it in the Wind... Straight up and Proper! Sweet!

Don't know about you... but to me this piece seems like it offers a pretty fine window into the Spirit, that lives in the heart of a rider, that knows the answer to the question; Why Do I ride?

Here's a Motorcycle Touring Video that ought to get your wanderin' parts to itchin'!

Truth be known, I'm NOT a Sport Bike kind of guy... but... if watchin' this Video don't have you grinnin' and your head tiltin' back and forth, settin' there in your chair... check your pulse... you might be dead! :-)

... come back and take a looksee once in a while... I'll add add more motorcycle videos, when I find 'em that measure up to these!

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