Why Ride? ... I'm Talkin' about LIVING!

Why Ride? ... How can you not?

I'd be an unhappy, earth bound, son-of-a-biscuit, was I kept from my bike.

Motorcycles are a lot like horses. There's an old sayin'; "The Best thing for the inside of a man... is the outside of a Horse."

It's my opinion, and a big part of my Motorcycle Philosophy, that that old sayin' is just about the best answer around, to the question; "Why Ride?"

Just swap out Horse with Motorcycle.

When I'm feeling bound up, used up, and hemmed in, by the baloney this Ol' world throws at a fella... There's nothin' better, than to climb on my Motorcycle and Ride! Lean it through some Mountain ... or Desert Twisties...

Run some wind through what's left of my hair...

It doesn't take long and that grimace that often accompanies Livin'... gets relaxed into a smile. The Freedom of the Road is an elixir that defies description... but feeds the very soul of a Rider.

Why a Motorcycle? For Life! For Freedom! For Spirit!

When I'm Chasin' the Wind on a Motorcycle, it's almost a sensation of Flying... like I'm not tied to the ground any more... "I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth..."

Heck, when I'm walkin' around, I'm a stumblin', stove up, bent up, Ol' Geezer!

But... Put me on my Cruiser... runnin' some dippin', winding, road... twisting, coiling, and Thundering through the landscape ... and I feel like an Eagle.

Gracefull, Fast, Ridin' the Wind!

What keeps me Riding? ... I sometimes wonder how the 'common man' survives... without the frequent restoration of spirit you get, from the wind in your face... and the Freedom in your heart...

... Straddling the Lightning and Thunder, of a Fine Motorcycle!

Why Ride? ... Because... I cannot... NOT!

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