Finding the Motorcycle Lifestyle Income - Key - To Your Dreams

Producing a Motorcycle Lifestyle Income is going to require a few things from you, the first being a well primed imagination.

To achieve the change in lifestyle we're talking about, it's going to require a change in the way you think. You have to climb out of the box we've all been trained and conditioned to think in.

It's that training and conditioning that has kept us all sweating away as wage slaves, with our lives getting consumed in the process.

To live as we want, and achieve a Motorcycle Lifestyle Income, we have to make some serious changes.

The second being to polish up your ability to cut loose all those things that just don't matter, that don't contribute to, or worse, bleed off the precious assets needed for your main ambition; To spend as much of your time, in the wind, as you can.

Stuck in there somewhere, you'll need to keep up front, the ability to just ignore, all the people who Are Going To Tell You, that what you're about is irresponsible, unproductive, weak minded, selfish... and the list goes on, Ad-nauseum.

Part of learning to ignore those nay saying voices is to learn to have faith in your own ability, your own wisdom, and,, most importantly, the Value of your own DREAMS... as you pursue a Motorcycle Lifestyle Income.

... and realizing that they are just following their own conditioning to participate in the group effort to stop anyone from escaping the treadmill.

Just look at 'em, grin, twist the handle and let 'em watch your tail lights... as THEY... have to turn around and walk back in, to see what Their Slave Master wants done... as YOU ride away on Freedom Road!

Let me also say, this, producing a Motorcycle Lifestyle Income, is one place that advice can only go so far. There are so many options and variations to choose from, that No One can tell you what you should do. It's too personal a choice; and let's face it, if you're reading this, it's because you're looking for something different to begin with.

You're trying, to get yourself, Out of the Box, trying to secure your Freedom.

Simply following someone Else's road map to a Motorcycle Lifestyle Income, is just swapping one Master for another, ain't it? Sorry to be the one to have to tell you this, but this is one place you're going to have to make all the hard choices, all by your self.

This is Your life, not mine. All I can do is point out a few ideas of things that have worked for other people, along with a few plain out fabrications of my own mind; and hope they stimulate your creativity, and you're able to succeed at building the "Thing" that works for you.

Now, here's one of the most critical parts of my Motorcycle Lifestyle Income Philosophy. For most of us, minimizing our cost of living, makes creating a viable, mobile, alternative lifestyle, full time, independent income a whole lot easier thing.

If you don't spend it, you won't have to produce it, in the first place.

I personally, take the load off of my Motorcycle Lifestyle Income by living full time in an RV and boondocking as much as I can, eliminating even minimal campground fees. In my experience, living in an RV, the way I do, is about the lowest cost, way of living, available to us. Oh, you could live like Ara and Spirit do, 100% on the bike, tenting almost every day of the year, even in a large wall tent in Texas over the winters... but, for those of us who like a few more comforts, an RV fills the bill.

... and I'm talking modest RV here, not some half a million dollar rolling mansion. Mine is likely worth, at this point $10,000 bucks or so.

I just did a craigslist search this morning, and know that a clean, reasonably functional rig can be had for half that and less.

So now with your rent minimized, credit cards gone, debts cleared, and a clean, dry, secure place to live, all you need to produce, in the way of a Motorcycle Lifestyle Income, is what you need to support yourself and what's left, right?

There's any number of ways I can think of to generate a full time motorcycle lifestyle income.

Something else, if you stop and think about it; most if not all of these Ideas for producing an Independent subsistence income are NOT Gender Specific.

What I'm promoting here is a different way of thinking about living and producing a required living. A way for everyone, Not just bald headed old puss gut bikers. Biker Mama's too! :)

Hell, this lifestyle Idea would truly work for everyone too, not just bikers!

A few Motorcycle Lifestyle Income Ideas;

1. Regular Job?!!; Work in one place, at a regular job for a period of time, making twice what your subsistence is(if possible). Live on half, bank the other. That would allow you to then roam free, for an equal period of time(or however long you were able to bank for). Two months, maybe six, and then go wander? come back to that same "Job" to produce another round of "Motorcycle Lifestyle Income"... or... have another lined up, down the road, before you leave? Share a job with one or two others? One employer, One job, two or three reliable workers trading places every couple months? Out of the box thinking for sure... but clever committed people could make it work.

2. Airbrush artist; A more long term development thing for sure. But, if you had a website to be contacted through, and let folks know where you were at... you could paint graphics on cars, RVs and Motorcycles, as you traveled around, region to region.... and come to think about it... in a decent trailer... I can envision a total setup for a complete custom bike paint shop!!

3. Temporary Services; (Manpower for example) Run up to the Pacific northwest for the summer. Register with a temporary service and work two, three, four days a week? or, work a week on, a week off, work it out with the service... produce your Motorcycle Lifestyle Income, and then ride the rest of the time! Move your location back to Southern Cal for the winter, or Arizona, or Florida?... and repeat. Develop a reputation as a reliable person with that service and you'll have your work... and... the "In House" references when you transfer to a new region as your wanderlust and need for newroads strikes.

4. Write; Another longer term development enterprise. I've been working at mine for just over five years now. I have to admit, I've not pushed it "Hard". I didn't want the "work" I truly enjoy to be converted into just another "Job" by trying to squeeze all the juice out of it. I write two websites and their supporting blogs, which are up around 50% of my needs. In addition, as an outgrowth of those, this past fall I started e-publishing a few small books related to those websites, as well as my first Novel, which amazingly, this past month just kicked in a touch over 3% of my income. Not a lot yet, but that's 3% I don't have to make somewhere else, and it's early in that enterprise, and it seems like I'm starting to possibly separate myself from the crowd. That's the most difficult thing for an "Independent" author; To make himself visible, in the sea of contenders. But, I'm proof that it is possible.

5. Custom Motorcycles; Here's a real "out there" idea, and it would take a little seed money up front but, maybe the sweetest Motorcycle Lifestyle Income idea, and an interesting idea for a Biker! Are you a V Twin, Motorcycle Mechanic? What if... You set up your RV Quarters, with a bigger trailer then what you needed to carry your own bike? and in that "Extra" space up front... you Built Motorcycles! Yes sir! A quality motorcycle stand where you assembled, One at a time, one off, V Twin Specials! How many would you need to build/sell in a year to make the minimal living we're talking about? and think about it, even when you're not riding your Motorcycle Lifestyle, you'd be WORKING motorcycles! :)

6. Computer work; Are you a "book keeper/accountant" by trade and training? What with the electronic age on us, doing that work, you can do that from just about anywhere you can get yourself and internet connection, can't you? Satellite connection, air card, I suppose an ingenious rider who wantsit bad enough could calculate a way to make wifi work.

7. Motorcycle Boutique; Ladies... or guys with the knack :) how much difficulty have you had finding clothes that fit your lifestyle? or clothes of the quality you wanted?How many others do you think have that same problem... so... hitch up behind your rig, or work out a way to set up the trailer that carries your bike when you move... as your own lil' Biker Boutique! You find the best and sell it to like minded folks. Again, you set up a website that lets otherbikers know where you are, where you'll be... and find places you can "set up" for a month at a time or so... I know a guy that set up in the parkinglot of the "Hideout" in Fort Collins... selling Motorcycle Leather... It can be done people. People are doing it.

8. Photographer; Another of the Development time up front options. But, if you sell your work through one of the Stock Photo outfits... you do your photography. They do the selling... and once a month you collect your check.

9. Seasonal Jobs; The National Parks, Resorts sort of Deal. Again, if you keep your costs lowest, You work for a while, and wander between gigs. I know of folks that have done just that, for years and years. They aren't rich, don't want to be... Except in terms of Freedom.

10. Helmet Hut; A trailer full of the best in Motorcycle Helmets. Sell at shows, or just random setups like the MC Boutique I mentioned above. Add in a specialty "Helmet Airbrushed Graphics" Sideline! ... or/and Motorcycle Boots/footwear...

11. Fishing Guide; Kind of self explanatory ain't it? :)

... and this brings up a lil' thing. Some might say; "I thought you were promoting an Independent Motorcycle Lifestyle Income. You keep talking about regular jobs."

I see a difference here. What I see is maintaining your needs in a manner that you aren't chained to that "Boss". I see maintaining a lifestyle that allows you to say "Take this job and Shove it" if the "Boss Man" gets to thinking you're just another wage slave. You work when you want toand go down the road the rest of the time.

Lets face it, you're still working for someone, even if you've tee total got your "Own Business"... you're still working for your customers. So, the real difference, in the way I look at this is, where does the control lay?

If you're so buried under debt and expenses that you Can't Quit, the Boss pretty much owns you.

How-some-ever... IF ... you maintain your situation where you're always a ways ahead of the game, so that you don't' NEED... THIS particular job; That puts the control of Your Life, directly in Your Own Hands... and THAT... in by book is Freedom.

Therein lays the magic of this subsistence income deal. Maintain your situation properly. Don't completely run out your "Roll"... maintain that "Pad" in your Motorcycle Lifestyle Income... That, along with a minimized cost of living, will give you the Freedom and flexibility to LIVE.

I've just scratched the surface here. Turn your Imagination loose. There's ideas you'll come up with that I can't even conceive of that will have us all saying; "What a magnificently awesome idea!"

A clever person could take some of what I sketched out above, mix and match and assemble the Motorcycle Lifestyle Income that fits their personality and the life they want... or come up with a totally fresh and unique way to finance their Motorcycle lifestyle.

All you have to do is kick your thinking outside of the trained in, conditioned routine of a wage slave and You'll have your Motorcycle Lifestyle Income figured out in no time!

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