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The Riders Stories, shared by the Visiting Riders coming to this site, carry with 'em in combination, all the information any of us could ever need... or use! All we need do is sweet talk 'em into sharing their knowledge with us!

So... How about it? Have you got some Motorcycle Wisdom you've earned, that we might could talk you into sharing?

The best way to learn a thing, without having to heal up from the busted bones, expenses and other mishaps... is to get those Brother and Sister Riders out there, who've already "Been there - Done That", to share just a bit of their hard won knowledge.

I've always figured the best way to balance some of the "Bad Karma" I've collected over the years :-) is to help keep somebody else from making the same mistakes I have!

That's one of the motivations for my websites... doin' the right thing... to try and soften the consequences of having done some of the "Wrong" things! :-)


From finding the Best Touring Motorcycle, Motorcycle Philosophy and the best of the Great Motorcycle Roads, to the Best Motorcycle Gear, Motorcycle Camping tips and The Not-to-be-missed Motorcycle Rallies... eventually, I'll get the pages built and linked in here to allow all you Visiting Riders to share your knowledge!

If you just follow the listed links below... They'll carry you to the pages where you can build and submit all those stories you've just been achin' to tell! :-)


Keep coming back here to see what else has been contributed... to contribute and share more of your own knowledge and Motorcycle Riders Wisdom... and see what comments other visiting riders have left about your article!

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Personal Motorcycle Philosophy

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