A Motorcycle Trailer to haul your bike carries a lot of benefits...

... that a bike hauler, that's not a motorcycle trailer doesn't. If you're an RVer as well as a Motorcycle Tourer, you may want to consider one.

From the lightest...

To one of the slickest...

Some variety of trailer may just qualify as the ultimate motorcycle hauler.

When you've got your bike on or in a motorcycle hauler that's a trailer... you've also got room for packing quite a bit of other useful gear... at least if it's a closed or box type trailer.

If you're going a long way, where the weather might cover some wide extremes, you'll have a place to store some bags of the gear you're not going to be using immediately... such as bulkier winter gear if you'll be down in the south for a while...

... maybe some spare parts... or simply extra camp gear, if you're camping along the way. Whatever it is... you won't mind having the trailer space to cache it.

If you've made the choice to juice up your motorcycle trailer a bit... you may have gone and loaded your motorcycle into a toy hauler... and then you've got yourself, not only a mobile garage for your bike... but a sweet RV shelter for yourself!

***This one is a mite bigger than I prefer... but...there's smaller ones too!

Some variety or combination of an RV Motorcycle Carrier is my idea of the shiniest situation possible.

Wherever you're parked, you're home... and what a SWEET home... A rig from which you can circle out, making wide motorcycle touring day trips... Leaving the 'Big' rig parked!

And now... rather than pay somebody a whole lot of dinero for a lumpy motel bed... you're relaxed and happy in a familiar bunk... with your own kitchen six feet away... parked deep in some desert canyon, along a roaring river... maybe even parked for FREE... and Free is good!

... You're ready to roll out come sunrise and run that twisting canyon. Sweet!

Then when the hunger or situation requires... you can leave the RV parked and take off on your bike for an overnight or multi-day touring trip... staying in one of those lumpy motel beds... or camping along the way.

Like I said... just about the shiniest situation imaginable.

Plus, with your bike strapped securely into a closed motorcycle trailer of some sort... you can roll down the road to your next camp... through the pouring rain or the swirling snow... without that guilty feeling that you've left a good friend, sitting out in the cold.

Trust me... finding your V Star Iced up and filthy, sitting on the open, tail end carrier, on your 5er in the middle of a 'near blizzard' is an unpleasant sensation...

Sometimes you do what you gotta do... but, if I had my druthers (spelled $$$) just now... I'd have some sort of a closed motorcycle hauler to carry Slick... instead of the tough nut situation he sometimes has to endure. :-)

From fully enclosed, standard box, cargo trailers, and flatbed utility trailers... to awesome dedicated motorcycle trailers like that in the video above... there's something that will work for you.

Many states will even allow you to tow double... (Two Trailers tandem... like you often see semis).

***Here's a link to a site that will give you a head start on finding out about various towing regs. Check with the individual states if you are not certain of the laws. It is YOUR responsibility to know and obey the laws.

Tow Regs

It all depends on where you want to go... That doesn't work for me, 'cause several states where I truly like to wander, prohibit it... and to tell the truth, I just simply don't like the awkward situation of having two trailers hanging behind a pickup... Hit a bit of wind... which we never have in the west, do we?... and things can get 'Western' real quick.

But that choice is for you to make... I'm just pointin' out some of your options.

One last thing... a suitable bike hauler isn't very heavy... considering the towing capacity of even the smaller suv type vehicles... you can haul the biggest fat boy... with just about any suv, equipped with the proper motorcycle trailer... Just check the capacity numbers and set it up properly.

... With the right tow rig... you could carry a pretty nice outfit... maybe not the right bikes for me... but you get the picture!

Whatever you look at to transport your ride... give a long hard look at a motorcycle trailer... I know, I'm seriously pondering how I might be able to get re-equipped that way...

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