The venerable Kawasaki Voyager XII two wheels/common sense

by Robert B. Turner
(Marlinton, WV)

I married

I married

Well now, every dog has it's day...but, let me just say this. If you're shrewd, frugal, pragmatic and practical, then you have to DIY some motorcycle platform into what your tastes and needs evolve into.

I didn't want to do that again... That's why after owning many brands of ubertourers,

BMW (B.ring M.y W.allet) much $$$,

Honda Goldwings of most years and a Valkyrie Interstate, (G.oing O.ut L.oafing D.oubling W.ith I.diotic N.arcisic G.roomers ie; trophy wife/girl),

Costly social experiment
Harley-Davidson ( A.nyone R.eally L.oved E.yeing Y.ourselves - D.amn A.nybody V.aluing I.ndividual D.evotion S.yndrome O.f N.arcissim),too much $$$!

Yamaha,(Y.ou M.aking A. H.arley A.gravated),

Suzuki,(S.omewhat U.gly Z.eit'geist U.nlikely K.ludged I.ntellegently), Mickey Mouse wanna-be Mighty Mouse...

Triumph, T.rying R.eally I.dealistically U.nderachieving M.otorcycling H.opes), Appealing but not Cricket(taiwan)

Moto Guzzi, M.otorcycles O.bliged T.o O.perate G.ratuitously U.nder Z.i'ti Z.est I.tinerary)ie;pasta burner... I was a California Dreamer...

and even a MZ Skorpion Traveler, (M.oderately Z.ippy T.ry R.iding A. V.ibrator E.verywhere L.osing E.verthing R.elevant...and so on.. Riding a single single...

Conclusion; I could care less about everything else Cow-with-socky built, the ZG1200 Kawasaki Voyager XII by Kawasaki Heavy Industries was for the touring rider what amounted to the Valedictorian Girl vs. the Varsity Cheerleader/Homecoming Queens...

Genius continues to last while popular beauty, stylish fads and youth fade away. That good and virtuous girl next door we never noticed because of familiar complacency?

Too late we realized...,she moved away, married an adventurer/ explorer and won't ever give you a second look back...

I love her...they don't make'm like that anymore and she never let's me down, and has never really changed..., except her make-up(couleur du année)Pick your favorite!

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