Yamaha best kept secret

by william
(gainesville fl)

Best touring bike is a Yamaha super tenere. I am 6'1 285 and made the best deal on a new 2013 super tenere even though it was 2 years old it had only 3 miles on it. out the door it was 10.000 with a extended 4 year warranty.

Now the bike its a 1199 cc and the first day I put 600 miles on it. I just could not stop the bike is so comfortable and a joy to ride I could have just kept going. it handles like a dream. you feel in total control brakes are spot on. the 6 speed trans feels right no matter what gear your in. handles great on gravel. in dirt and on the road

the motor can cruse my big butt at 75 80 all day and pulls my weight up grades with out ever feeling the motor is stressed its my one and only true love got to go my baby is calling

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