Simply the best

I have ridden most of the touring bikes over the years and about 15 years ago bought a used Harley and haven't looked back. I love the feel and the seating position of the Harley that no other touring bike can match.

Destination is unimportant, it's the ride that counts. I will be getting one of the new 2014 Ultra Limited in the Spring. It's what I live for.

I know other bikes are more reliable and have their fans but the feeling I get riding my Harley can't be matched by any of the other machines. I used to be one of those that bashed Harleys until I tried one and I know there are a lot of riders out there who look at the Harley riders with envy.
Try one you won't regret it. I am not stuck with a Harley, it's what I choose to ride.

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