one you can fill with gas and trust!

by isidor
(herceg novi,mne )

I live in Europe and by the most frequent road that connect Europe and middle east. Famous via Dalmatia. (Road between Dubrovnik, cro and kotor, mne). During the years i've spotted ppl with all variety of 2,3,4,6...8 wheelers... From bicycle to Mercedes utility tractors or daf heavy offroad 8x8 trucks. I think that smile on the face is opposite of the size of the ride.

For example, last month I was guiding a guy from s.korea on his honda supercub. 3 years on tour around the world! On supercub!!! Crazy? Neee! His man pride is big like globe!

Ride and enjoy yours... Whatever it is!

Greetings from hercen novi, montenegro

*ed note. I've been "out of sync for a while and failed to get notice of this submission. BAD COWBOY NO BEER!

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