Best Touring Motorcycle

by Kerry
(British Columbia)

A Road Bike where you SHOULD see it!

A Road Bike where you SHOULD see it!

Not sure there's a best touring motorcycle out there. I ride an 02 road star, will send pic later when it's modifications are done for this yr.

Have added a batwing fairing for some music and to keep my hands dry (and I like the look) there are a lot of good bikes out there, each has their good and bad, also with the road star the leather bags are a bit small. I saw a 1998 springer and thought the bags were pretty cool did some research on them and found a small company in MA that makes them..are on there way as I write this.

The perfect touring bike is what ever you like and want it to be. I am new to this touring, rode bikes most of my life but only the last few yrs got into touring ( 16,000 km) last summer (approx 10,000 miles) and the best way to learn is to go out and do it and talk to people what works and what is just a waste of money.

Ideas and things learned and collected over time seem to work out best and keep an open mind to new and old ideas. I am the kind of person if I want some thing and it's not available I will figure out a way to make it.

As for camping I do camp..finding the right gear was a bit of a challenge but the outdoor stores work well, you will find you get what you pay for though. I don't like being like the Beverly Hillbillies going down the hwy with things sticking out all over the place, and this is where it just takes time to find out what works for you. Got stuck in a real down pour early this fall as I'm sitting in my tent, was warm and dry, but couldn't help but think "I have a perfectly good rv in my drive way". but wouldn't trade it for the world.

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Oct 13, 2010
by: Scott

To qualify for a best bike the ride needs to be ridden, at least 5,000 mile per year. If you ride every chance you get and the weekends are full of trips then your heading in the right direction. The actual bike can be nearly any make, on road or off if you really do the miles. Freeway cruising, or back road burner they're all best.

Best because your out there doing it, not sitting inside vegitating, or wishing.

My personal ride of choice is an 1800cc goldwing with over 100,000 miles on the clock. Great comfort low cost operating,goof fuel mileage and two up is a breeze. But it's not the only bike that will give you lots of fun, freedom and fantastic memories. Park your rig and get on the two wheeler.

*Ed. Note; Yes! We think alike... whatever has two wheels!... The Raider I ride now was bought in April I think, with 4000 on the odometer... it's a bit over 18,000 now... and put a few more rolling through Arches National Park yesterday!

May 02, 2010
The Best
by: Anonymous

Sorry people. The best touring motorcycle Is? I dont even have to say it. becaue you already know. There is know comparison. Golwing, Da!

Nov 03, 2009
A Roadstar... Maybe?
by: Brian

Kerry won't pick a 'Best' ... but he Rides a Star! :-) hmmm... so do I... :-)

Many Thanks for the post Kerry! I'd have to say I can't disagree with a single thing you said... Especially the part about the perfect bike being the one; 'You like'... and what 'You want'... I really don't much care for all the 'cliques' when it comes to 'bikers', at least when it goes past good-natured joking... a plain old Motorcycle Brotherhood pleases me a whole lot more... uh... and sisterhood!

Anybody on two wheels is a mite 'Brighter' in my world! :-)

That and the open mind and learning from those that have been there done that I think is straight up the way to go...

But... We need that Pic of your Bike! :-) With out it, I may just have to move this post to the philosophy section! :-)... and a good Philosophy it is too.

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