Range Rebel

by Scott Staley
(Howe, Idaho)

Not quite sure how I found your site, other than I was looking for a 5th wheel hitch to gooseneck hitch for my cow hauler and well oh well.

After some 20 plus years me and the boss bought bikes to save on gas and to do something other than riding our horses to take care of cows as something to do together.

Bikes are damn neat. We travel around the area, central Idaho, when we get the chance and use them to go see the kids. Tough to get the shit eating grin off your face on those days.

Thanks for the belly laughs. Scott.

***Editor Note***

A Motorcycle Philosophy sure doesn't have to be some "Deep" Spiritual Deal... Maybe, the simplicity of Scott's story is the best... and the most sustainable... a way of putting a High Shine on Just Livin'!

... and a Cattleman too! Suh-Wheet!

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