My motorcycle philosophy .

by al
(Scotland )

Having being riding motorcycles for over 20 years , I thought I'd share my motorcycle philosophy with you's.

I lost my good ridin' buddy a good few years back , and had a years break from riding until my addiction to two wheels won and i couldn't take it any more and I bought another bike .

However nowadays I prefer to ride alone , a 2 wheeled nomad , riding because I want to , riding because I need to, and riding for the sheer hell of it .

Now , I know I said that I prefer to ride alone , and its true , after all , when you pull your lid on , stride your bike and listen to your engine playing her sweet song on the pipes ,what more could any soul want ?

But having said that , there is nothing wrong with a bit of fellowship now and again , and this is where bikers excel , you could be ridin' down a long lonley road but meet another biker , and at the very least you'll get a nod or wave .

Bump into a load of bikers in a cafe , campsite or roadside and you could get nattering about bikes for hours , now that's what its all about .

Motorcycling doesn't have to be a lonely life , I just choose it to be that way coz that's the way I want it , most riders opt to ride in clubs , mc , mcc , gangs etc etc etc , if that's what rocks your boat , go for it . we all have our own idea of our own motorcycle philosophy.

I live on a small island , you mighta heard of it , its called the UK , I hail form the northern part of it SCOTLAND well its small compared to places like china , Australia , USA , etc , but there's nothing that I enjoy more than riding to the end of my island and catching a ferry over into europe , maybe a few days through Spain , into Italy and beyond.

One thing I'd like to add that should be adhered to by us all , treat your ride the way you would treat your wife , look after her and she will give you many years of pleasure , keep her serviced regularly and she will keep on going and going , give her the love that she deserves after all , she's been carrying your sorry ass for miles.

But having said that , when she is tired and has no more ride left in her , maybe its best to trade her in for a younger model , or at least something with a little less miles on the clock .

Anyhow , take care lads and lassies , I'll post up some of my travel stories when I get a chance .

If you see me cruisin' down freedom road , give me a nod , a wave , or better still stop me and buy me a beer , and I promise I'll do the same for you .

Ride safe Ride free


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