Good Motorcycle Rain Gear Won't Allow The Weather to Stop Your Ride

Your Motorcycle Rain Gear is second in importance, only to your Motorcycle Jacket.

OK... Third... If you put a Helmet first. But I can tell you, you just might move that good rain gear up the motorcycle gear priority list when you're out in the middle of Wyoming, in July and get caught by a genuine, unadulterated, double rectified, western gulley washer.

Those 4 lb. rain drops hurt when they wack you at highway cruising speed!

Unless you're one of them "Ahhh, I love pain, I eat pain for entertainment!" sorts of Bikers you're gonna want to invest in some decent motorcycle rain gear.

Safety might even enter into this more than comfort... If you're cold, wet and fatigued.. from bein' cold and wet... your attention and reflexes are going to suffer... So acquiring proper motorcycle clothing to wear when riding in the rain... will not only keep you dry... it's going to go a long way toward keeping you healthy and whole as well.

Since it's not a really huge investment... you might even want more than one set... Since a lot of my touring involves a hike in the middle of the ride, I've gone a route that might be a bit less than typical. The Motorcycle Rain Gear I usually have packed on the bike is actually made for back packing and hiking.

I picked it up at REI.

It has the advantage of being super light and compact, which is not a bad thing when I'm trying to get ever'thing stuffed onto the V Star for a longer ride.

If your riding is going to be just that... Motorcycle Touring... without the hiking in the middle, you'll likely not have a problem with a lil' heavier and bulkier... but probably more durable, dedicated motorcycle gear.

One disadvantage to my gear is that the jacket has a built in hood/brim. Now... when it's raining... and I'm hiking... I don't regret the hood, not one lil' bit... but it can be a light hassle when suiting up on the bike... The hood needs to be turned to the inside, when I put it on, so it's not collecting water as I roll along in the rain...

Though it doesn't have the stand up collar a dedicated motorcycle rain jacket would have... I've had little problem with it leaking water at the neck... other than that... my 'dual purpose' motorcycle rain gear suits my way of going, just fine.

Something I've not added to my gear, are the thin, waterproof, rain boots the rain jacket and pants makers build. Generally, the boots I wear have a Goretex liner... so they're waterproof already. So I've just not had the motivation to go out and pick up that last bit of motorcycle clothing.

If I was to wear boots made of plain leather or other non-waterproof material, ... I can see those overboots as being valuable pieces of additional motorcycle rain gear. It doesn't matter how dry the rest of you is... If your feet are wet and cold... YOU... are wet and cold!

The only other disadvantage of my personal gear, that I've seen, is the color. Most riders are going to agree that the Yellow or fluorescent colors are best in the rain, to provide the absolute best chance of being seen. I won't argue a whole lot with that... It's just that I really don't like those gaudy colors for the most part.

I'm tryin' to change... but I've got too many miles under my tires at this point to have a whole lot of hope in that being a successful enterprise! But... now that I'm adding years at a speed that seems to be accelerating at an alarming rate... maybe I can convince myself to allow a lil' adjustment here and there... in the face of reflexes that are likely not as sharp as they once were! :-) We'll see. Camping Gear
J&P Cycles
Hey... I ride a black bike... my bags are black... my jacket and chaps are usually brown... What can I say... I prefer the more subdued gear! It's kind of like that day glo stuff you see hikers wearin' in the woods...

Geeze! You can see the buggers four mountains over... My desire is to 'blend in' a bit more. Now I realize... blending in can result in some conflicts on the road... Like when some bozo in a Buick tries to 'blend in' with you... at 65 mph!

... but that just means I've got to stay alert to make up for his lack of attention... which is where I put most of my confidence any way... in MY attention... not that of those 'other' people on the road.

So... at least for the time being... I'll continue wearing the gray and black Motorcycle Rain Gear I'm currently riding... and keep my eyes open for the four wheeler who couldn't be bothered with paying attention to what he's doin'!

Bottom line? With my Motorcycle Rain Gear, I keep on riding, when a lot of others are parkin' their bikes in the garage... or waitin' it out in a cafe.

I'm out there... smellin' that sweet, clean air... and ridin'... while them others... are waitin'!

Stay dry... and I'll catch you later!

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