Motorcycle Overalls for Winter Motorcycle Riding That Save Your Wallet At the Same Time!

The last pair of Motorcycle Overalls I had weren't made for Motorcycles either. Just regular Ol' heavy canvas overalls from Key.

They've always kept me warm on the ranch... but when the temperature drops below about 30 F. and I'm rollin' at 60 mph instead of walkin' around... I get cold wearin' 'em.

As I found out how well my new Carhartt Jacket, with its Nylon shell turned the wind... letting the insulation do its job... I discovered that at around 50 miles an hour... the Key coveralls I had on under that jacket, started leakin' cold air.

So... I went looking for some motorcycle overalls built with a similar fabric to that Carhartt Jacket.

The only ones I found from Carhartt... are built with a real, coarsely woven, nylon that looked to me like they'd leak cold air as well... once you get going fast enough to build up sufficient wind pressure.

So I kept looking... One thing I was hoping for, besides good function, was a price I could digest a lil' easier.

A few weeks back... some snowmobilers came into the store where I've been earnin' my gas money and told me 'bout a 'sale' at Sports Authority... now that was one I'd not thought of.

But it makes sense, don't it? If it keeps snowmobilers warm and dry... it should work pretty fine for motorcycle overalls!

and... the fact that you can get 'em locally, on sale is a pretty good deal too!

Motorcycle Overalls for Winter Riding

The ones I found were listed at $49... and on sale for $25! So how good could they be huh?

They're insulated and claimed to be wind and water proof... but twenty five bucks? No way!

These things are light. Built by an outfit named SLALOM, they were light enough that, I must admit, when I left the store with 'em... my confidence wasn't as high as I would have liked.

How-some-ever... when I climbed on my V Star the next morning at 20 degrees and cranked it up for the twenty mile run to the store... to earn a few more beans... I couldn't have been happier...

Or warmer.

These may have been built to be high bib pants for men... to go skiing or some such... but I can testify that they work sweet! as motorcycle overalls for winter motorcycle riding. I kept warm, without plugging in electric gear (which my lil' V Star hasn't got the alternator for anyhoo) in temps that had me froze up before.

I've run 'em up, well over 75mph... when the temps were cold enough to make a coyote shiver... and they haven't leaked air on me yet.

I'm sure that if I went far enough in 'em... I'd have to stop eventually for coffee and a warm up... but... at about 20 miles so far... through 20 F degrees... I'm happy as a clam.

So... If, like me, you want to keep your bike on the road all winter... at least when it ain't covered with snow... and you need to watch your dinero pretty close... check out some of the bargains at a local ski shop... I'll bet you can find some motorcycle overalls there that'll fit you too!

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