Picking the Best Motorcycle Luggage Systems for Your Motorcycle and You

Working out your choice of Motorcycle Luggage Systems may take a bit of work.

You've got a lot of options to pick from. There are as many different ways of packing your Motorcycle as there are bikes and riders.

From the simple stuff sacks, packs, fork rolls, and motorcycle luggage bags that I prefer, to big Motorcycle luggage trunks, Motorcycle Luggage Racks and the Motorcycle Luggage Trailers you can pull behind your bike, there are a lot of Motorcycle Luggage Systems to sort through in your search.

Whew! That was a tongue twisting mouthful of jargon huh? ... :-)

Maybe, to shorten the hunt, thinking about how you prefer to do your Motorcycle Touring, is the best place to start.

When you pack for a trip, do you carry a change of clothes for each day? Or, are you comfortable carrying just a few days worth... and spending a bit more time in a Laundromat every few days?

Do you travel heavy... or do you travel light?

When you look at 'Things'... do the Traditional or even Nostalgic designs attract you? Or, is it the New Technologies that catch your imagination?

What is your choice for a Touring Motorcycle? Let's face it... A Harley Fat Boy or a Honda Goldwing is going to be able to carry more gear... and have wider options, when it comes to luggage built for a bike... than my Lil' V Star Custom...

I'm not going to make any recommendations which way for you to go... Other than to say my preference is a Naked Motorcycle, traveling light and simple.

Sayin' otherwise is too much like tellin' somebody; "Listen, I know what's good for you."... and that's a mite too arrogant a thing to say... even for me. :-)

What's going to fit you... I haven't the slightest idea... and neither does anybody else... so don't let 'em push you where you don't want to go. I'm just makin' an effort to make sure that when you go lookin', at Motorcycle Bags, you'll take the time to sort it all out... before you drop your coin on the counter.

Answering some of the questions I've stacked up should get you rollin' in the right direction. You should have a better idea what it is you're looking for... before you head out looking... and that should help defend you from the salesmen pushing all those 'latest, greatest things!"... and save your arms from all that 'twisting' they have to endure from those fellas on commission.

What ever you do... don't waste any time... get your outfitting done... hook up your choice of Motorcycle Luggage Systems... and get your scooter rolling... Motorcycle touring on Freedom Road!

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