Motorcycle Camping Hygiene... Split the Wind... Don't Pollute it!

Good Motorcycle Camping Hygiene... Now that's a title that grabs you, don't it? Bet it's the first thing that comes to mind when you get to thinking about motorcycles. :-)

Well, I've 'experienced' a few riders, that I... Wish... it was! Come on! Just because you're a rough, tough biker ain't no reason to reek like some sort of fermenting road kill!

When you start knocking the chrome off your bike, it's time to change the way you do a few things!

It's just not that difficult either. Why, 30 years and more ago, in the army, I learned to take a whole dang bath, with no more than a quart of water! One canteen full and you should be able to execute some Motorcycle Camping Hygiene that will sweeten yourself up enough to be acceptable to most human company.

You can take your normal travel, shaving, personal hygiene kit for guys... or the Kit you gals carry... add a couple of things and have a fine Motorcycle Camping Hygiene kit.

Now, I know you gals already carry quite a bit more than us fellas do. But that's understandable. Being as how you're blessed with a lot Higher Tech chassis than us guys, it just stands to reason that it would require a bit more 'technical equipment' for the delicate and refined skills needed to maintain it.

... and those of us with any sense at all, have not one complaint 'bout that!

The things I'm going to suggest here aren't going to be much of an additional burden, I promise!

Motorcycle Camping is a joy... but you still need to live in this century... and thank God for that! I'm not too sure I want the 'aroma' of the old ways to return any time soon!

First off... since water is often a precious commodity in a Motorcycle Camp... a Valuable addition to your Motorcycle Camping Hygiene Kit are Wet Wipes! Yup! The very same Wet Wipes you use to tidy up your babies behind! Use three or four Wet Wipes to give your two legged chassis a good tidyin' up after a day on Freedom Road and you're ready to party into the evening... without makin' your camp mates hold their breath, every time they walk by... down wind of you!

... and that lanolin in 'em, that takes care of those chapped little behinds, is gonna make your crusty ol' self as soft and kissable as that lil' babies backside!... Uh... Ladies, I'm talkin' to the fellas here!

If you have a bit more water, you can employ a 'folding bowl'. They're made out of a vinyl coated nylon. You also see 'em used by dog handlers a lot for traveling with dogs and such.

You can generally find a selection at backpacking stores such as REI as well... Take one, heat up a bit of water on a camp stove, utilize a wash cloth... and in the privacy of your tent... ahem! (the neighbors probably don't want the glory of your lily white behind adorning their view of the mountains... no matter what flowery compliments your gal gives you... again, I'm addressing the fellas here)...

... you can scrub off the days excitement the old fashioned way. The polite name for it is likely a "sponge bath"... in the military there was a phrase that employed one of the names for the oldest profession... " _ _ _ _ _ Bath", use your imagination...

To brush your teeth... all you need is a small cup and a canteen. Like a dixie cup... brush and rinse... you get the idea... and it takes very little water... If you don't want to carry a big jug of mouthwash... try those little packages of mouth wash sheets that you just hold on your tongue for a few seconds.

And don't forget a good supply of deodorant in your Motorcycle Camping Hygiene Kit. A liberal coat of pine scented roll on, can cover up a multitude of sins!

Just remember, just because you don't have a two room bath suite, with a jacuzzi, is no reason to start imitating aged road kill. A little effort and preparation and you won't have to worry about making that waitress at Denny's... take her breaka little early... When you stop in for Breakfast!

Follow these tips... think up one or two of your own... prepare a proper Motorcycle Camping Hygiene Kit, and you'll be invited along the next time your motorcycling brothers... or sisters... go Motorcycle Touring on Freedom Road!

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