Motorcycle Vacation Spots in Colorado

By Penelope Louise

Colorado is known for being a beautiful state with a multitude of scenic roads to travel. This is a great place for anyone to go sightseeing, but it is particularly popular with motorcycle riders. The roads are great, and there are a great many places you can go to on a motorcycle. The state is also very biker friendly, with many options for food and lodging.

There are hundreds of tours that you can go on in Colorado that are specifically for motorcyclists. Some of these tours can last from a few days to over a week. Many of these tours have a high price tag, but it covers food and lodging as well as having a guide to show you the way.

There are many different types of scenery to be seen in Colorado, depending on which part of the state you are in.

One place to tour is in the Colorado Rockies. If you love mountain scenery, this is a must-see. Everyone who goes through these mountain passes say the experience is unforgettable. On a motorcycle tour, you can be taken through as many as 15 mountain passes. You will stay in both quaint little towns and a couple bigger cities like Grand Junction and Durango, where you will have time to engage in other activities as well.

Tours of the Southwest portion of Colorado visit more desert landscapes and rustic towns. Some of these tours cross into New Mexico where you can visit Santa Fe, before coming back into Colorado via Raton Pass. There are also tours that cross into Utah. If you are more interested in tours that take a lot of back-roads, there are plenty of these.

Wherever you go in Colorado, there are also sure to be plenty of historical sites to see. There are many railroad landmarks, Native American sites, and lots of museums that can be visited. No matter what tour you pick, you will be treated to spectacular views that are unique to Colorado.

There are also a great many motorcycle events in Colorado. In 2009, there are a lot of events planned. All these events are at different times, locations, and have different purposes, so there is sure to be something you would enjoy.

Colorado Springs, CO is a biker friendly city known for having events like the Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Ride in October. All bikes are welcome at this event. They are also having the 9/11 Motorcycle Tribute Parade in September. Colorado Springs offers lots of biker friendly hotels and restaurants.

Durango is another city that offers accommodations for groups of bikers and some events. The Pueblo Biker Bash in Pueblo, CO is a relatively new event, having only been functioning for two years, but it offers lots of entertainment and prizes. Durango has some historic hotels that have been recommended by bikers, such as the Strater Hotel.

Denver is a great place to be a biker as well. Being such a big city, it offers many options for bikers, and plenty of events. One event that is coming up this July is the Ride for Life Suicide Prevention event.

There are lots of events and rallies such as these. Look into motorcycle events in Colorado, and you'll find a lot that are between $10 and $20 per person. These events offer a lot of fun for your money, and usually support charities. There are some that support individuals with cancer, Down's Syndrome, and other non-profit organizations. There are also events that are to honor the memories of veterans, or Fallen Bikers.

There are hundreds of things to do and see in Colorado. There is really no room to cover them all here. Much more information on rallies and events can be found online. You can also find more info on historical lodging that is biker friendly, and where to get great local food.

Your trip to Colorado will be a rewarding experience whether you go with a group, or by yourself. Do a little research, and you'll soon have an itinerary full of adventure. Happy riding!

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