Lost love

by Guy V.
(havelock, NC)

I love those touring and cruiser motorcycles, and 2 wheels in general. Just the symbiosis of wheels and engine, combined with wind in your face is what makes me feel alive.

It's hard to explain to non-riders, most won't "get it", or they tell you how dangerous it is.

If I went through life worrying about every danger I've been in to, including my stint in the Army many yrs. ago, I would have no life at all, or be going through it with the brakes on.

I recently traded in my Moto Guzzi Jackal V11, one sweet cruiser, for a Suzuki bandit 1200s. Not a cruiser, not a tourer, exactly, just one sweet back road and ribbon highway all around machine.

The differences are huge; the Jackal is big and long, and made for cruising all day; the Suzuki is shorter, less weight, but torquey to the max. Still got the upright riding position, though.

I got this bike to follow my lifestyle, which is less cruisin' and more back forest road negotiating. Big fat tires, turn on a dime, and ultimately flickable. Since I am an RVer and boondocker, a lot of my riding is on the NF roads which are gravel and dirt. This "little" bike still weighs in at over 500 lbs. wet, but it fits in my trailer well. I am not a racer or hooligan, too old for that stuff, but I do enjoy a little brute force on a bike now and then.

2 wheels is 2 wheels, though, and my ultimate philosophy on motorcyles is; Just get the one that fits you and get out and ride. No image thing, no status quo thing, no admiration of your friends thing, just pure riding for the personal pleasure of it all...

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