Motorcycle Touring and Cowboys?

What the heck does a Cowboy know about Motorcycle Touring?

I figure, Motorcycle Road Trips are a lot like Horse Packing to Cow Camp...

Only... you get there faster... you wear a motorcycle helmet... and the Boss Lady can ride with you... (without a second horse)... if you can talk her into it...

... and it's 100% fun! ... instead of part work!

Star Motorcycle in Wyoming

There's one more attribute too; Outside of walking behind a few bikes I've seen... there's nothing to 'step in'... :-)

Otherwise, it's pretty much the same deal... You've got to pack all your goods in a small space, paying close attention to weight distribution, and volume... and makin' sure it's all secure.

Having gear come loose and floppin' around at 75 mph on the Interstate is NOT going to make for a Harmonious Outcome! :-)

It's sort of like havin' some bit of gear come loose, that starts to flappin', on a packed mule... high on a narrow mountain trail.

I'll wager... things are about to get Western!

Now, if you’ve been looking for a way to upgrade your RVing… or better yet, your Motorcycle lifestyle; doin' that in a rig on Freedom Road is the best thing I can think of to do the polishing!

... and there's usually more than one way, for just about every rig... to haul your Bike along... Me, I sometimes 'push the envelope' a mite.

When you consider the cost of fuel these days… Motorcycling is the best solution I can figure for the purpose of stretching your RVing fuel dollars… Can you think of another outfit, that has as stingy a fuel consumption?... While being as much genuine, double rectified, unadulterated, fun to run... at the same time?

There are some cars that’ll save you some fuel… but generally they’ll cost a lot more to buy… and then you still have to endure the gutless, dang things while not bein' turned on by ‘em! :-)

Come on... wouldn't you rather be splittin' the wind motorcycle touring on a Cruiser?... than sitting on the seat of a Prius?

When it comes down to it... I'll bet both my kidneys and half my liver that motorcycle of mine puts less of a dent in the world than any Prius ever thought about! :-)

The Best Part of traveling by Motorcycle is the gigantic grin it’s gonna hang on your face... as you roll through the most gorgeous country God ever carved...

Yes Sir! Whether you're leaning through Spearfish Canyon, up in the Black Hills... bending around the twisties rolling through Rocky Mountain National Park, crankin' up the Poudre Canyon in Colorado, or Snowy Range Pass up in Wyoming... hangin' it in the wind on a Motorcycle is guaranteed to cure what ails you!...

If it don't... you are one poor soul... in desperate need of some awful strong medication!

I'll take Motorcycle Touring, over medication... any time!

… Especially when I can ride my bike out onto a ribbon of asphalt from the sweet camp I've parked my rig in!

A Motorcycle is one sweet RV Toad ain't it? :-)

Yes sir!... Or Ma’am! Straddling the saddle of a fine Motorcycle, where you can feel the breeze, smell the pines clear and clean… even enjoy the feeling of the falling rain… can’t be matched by any other sort of a rig on this earth… short of a horse!

uh… did he say he enjoys riding in the rain?...


It’s sort of a personality defect I guess…

Weather don’t get me down when I’m out Motorcycle Touring… leastways as long as it’s a ‘choice’ to be out in it… and I’ve got the proper gear!

I have to admit… when I climb off the bike at some stop…

... and there’s a good rain falling… and I climb off that bike with a wide grin splittin’ my face… maybe giggling to boot…

...people tend to look at me like there’s something wrong... something that I ain’t quite caught up with yet!... It just seems to widen my grin! :-)

Anyhoo… I’m hopeful, if I do my job well… you’ll find plenty of useful information and ideas here, that will be of help for improving your own Motorcycle Touring!

and then... Be sure to visit my sister site; 'goin' RV Boondocking'

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