A bad day turned worse

by Al
(Glasgow, Scotland)

I was sittin' on the wee bench at the side of my house , head in my hands , I was in a stinking mood.

I'd just had a silly moment on the bike resulting in a bent front wheel spindle and after hours on the phone and net I finally ordered one but its not coming for 10 days or so, well being without the bike for 10 days is like doing without sex for 10 years :~ .

So while I was sitting rotting away in my worsening mood, an old familiar face popped his head over the fence, my old neighbor and fishing buddy Jim.

He saddened me with the news that he has the big C and has only a very short time left on this earth. Despite his worsening illness he was still laughing and joking and out and about living every day to its best.

We shared some memories of our travels and fishing trips over the years, talked of families and friends lost .

After he went on his way I got thinking about myself. Here I am going mental over a bent wheel spindle, it seemed childish. Man I felt like a down right selfish son of a bitch.

Now! I have a wee road trip planned to Ireland in a month or so, I'm just gonna wait patiently for my new wheel spindle to arrive and I'm gonna do the Ireland road trip for Jim. He will be with me in my heart, guiding me along the right road, as he has always done .

I dedicate my road trip to my mate Jim.

***Ed. Note - Though this is not specifically 'bout Motorcycles... outside of the Planned trip to Ireland... aw don't that sound sweet?! This is a pretty fair way of putting things in a fine perspective, and makes each ride we get to make sweeter, don't you think? And that does make it Philosophy for sure! Many Thanks Al.

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